The Pros, Cons, and Suitability of 8 Different Types of Air Conditioners (Part 2)

There is a confounding variety of air conditioners available in the market that range from small or medium capacity, split to single-unit systems. While all of these systems share common basic elements, they differ in physical appearance and arrangement, price performance, and in a manner of control and operation. Selecting the perfect AC for your needs can be stressful. To help you make the right decision here’s a list of different types of air conditioning systems with details of their advantages and disadvantages.

Window Air Conditioners

These types of air conditioners are available in different sizes. Customers have the option to select the size that goes with their budget and the space of the room. These AC’s have all their components contained inside a single unit. They are well-known for their cooling capacity. They can be installed in the window as the name suggests. They expel heat outdoors from one side and bring in the cool air from the other side.


  • Installation and maintenance of window AC is simple

  • They do not occupy space in the room

  • These are comparatively cheaper than central air conditioners


  • Window ACs are noisier than other types

  • They must be installed in a window that’s close to wall sockets

  • Can be stolen as they are present outside the window

Portable Air Conditioners

They are quite similar to window ACs and consist of a single unit. They can be moved from one place to another and do not require anything other than the electric outlet to get working. They continuously expel the exhaust air and thus require placing near a window.


  • They are portable and can be set in a place where it’s impossible to install other ACs

  • Do not need any installation and can be moved from one room to another


  • The compressor is present inside the free-standing unit, so they can be noisy

  • Only suitable for spot cooling in a small space

  • They have a hose for ejecting hot air, the hose needs to be placed outside the window

Floor Mounted Air Conditioners

They act like mini-split ACs with two units one inside the room another outside the room. As the name implies, the indoor unit is set up on the floor. This type of cooling system cools the room quickly as compared to other varieties of air conditioning systems. But they need free space around them to blow and circulate cool air efficiently.


  • Suitable for small and titled spaces such as attics.

  • These are convenient for individuals with respiratory problems as the filter can be checked regularly

  • These are perfect for elderly individuals because they blow the air directly at a person’s level

  • Easier accessibility and installation


  • Airflow can be obstructed due to the presence of furniture and other stuff in the room

  • They are not appropriate for large spaces as they fail to distribute the air evenly

Smart Air Conditioners

Smart ACs act like IOT enabled split, window, or portable air conditioners. When connected to the Wi-Fi they can be controlled through a smartphone, hence the name smart air conditioner. These ACs are operated through an app installed on the smartphone. They come with a variety of features such as scheduling, temperature control, geofencing, and other modes.


  • They are highly convenient due to numerous functionalities

  • Easier to control and operate

  • They are also energy efficient


  • Advanced technologies come with a price. These are more expensive than other units.

  • Require an active internet connection to work.

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