The Pros, Cons, and Suitability of 8 Different Types of Air Conditioners (Part 1)

During hot summer days, there’s nothing more satisfying than the blast of cool air. Air conditioners are the most common appliances that serve this purpose. More than 70 % of US homes have one or another type of air conditioning system installed. This contributes to the considerable use and cost of electricity. Several factors should be taken into account before buying an air conditioning system. It can get confusing to choose the type of air conditioning system that suits your needs.

Types of Air Conditioners

When you spend a substantial sum of money, it is only fair to get its worth. Let’s discuss different types of AC’s to help you choose the right one for your needs.

1. Ducted Air Conditioners

  • The name implies the arrangement of ducts that are used in this type of air conditioner. These ducts are connected to all the rooms through a central fan coil. The assembly of ducts is useful for cooling every room in the house.

Some of the models come with a temperature-controlled zone system. This system allows separate temperature settings for each room to suit every individual’s personalized needs. It is easier to operate and modify temperature settings in this system

Pros of Ducted Air Conditioners

  • Ducted AC is great for individuals that value the appearance and design of their appliances.

  • The central fan is concealed in the ceiling so owners do not have to stress about the bulky units hanging from the wall.

  • Minimalist design does not interfere with the aesthetics of the room

Cons of Ducted Air Conditioners

  • The ducted air conditioners are expensive

  • It requires large space to accommodate the ducted air conditioner

  • They are not cost-efficient for cooling a single area of the house

2. Split System

It is the most common type of AC. This system is split into two units. The indoor unit is responsible for circulating cool air. The other unit called the condenser is installed outside the house. The price varies according to the size of the unit.

Pros of Split System

  • These are affordable compared to other cooling systems.

  • They take only a few hours to install.

  • Do not require huge space.

Cons of Split System

  • They cool only the room in which they are installed.

  • The split design may not be appealing for some customers.

  • The external unit generates noises that can be inconvenient if not strategically installed.

3. Variable Speed AC

These AC’s are different from other systems because they have compressors that operate at different speeds. The speed automatically varies according to the outside temperature. It can be manually controlled as well.

Pros of Variable Speed AC

  • Energy efficiency results in lower electricity bill

  • Operates quietly and cools evenly

  • Flexible controls and comfortable temperature

Cons of Variable Speed AC

  • This system is expensive

  • Consists of complex parts

  • Repairs can cost more than standard types

4. Geothermal Air Conditioner

This AC is the ideal choice for those who are looking for an eco-friendly cooling system. This system uses water and minimal power to run. It makes use of the insulating properties of the earth to maintain consistent temperatures throughout the year.

Pros of Geothermal AC

  • Requires less energy

  • A geothermal air conditioner can heat and cool the house

  • It is durable and lasts longer.

Cons of Geothermal AC

  • The loop in the ground may be difficult to install in some locations

  • Geothermal setup is expensive

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